History of The Tarpon Springs Spong Docks
Overview – The big draw for the Greek immigrants who came here after 1905 was the traditional trade of sponge diving. Known as the sponge capital of the world, the industry took off in the 1930s. But a decade later, bacteria ruined the sponge beds, as well as the industry. In the 1980s, new sponge beds were discovered and the local economy once again prospered to its present-day status as a leader in the world's natural sponge market.
Sponge docks and a little history of sponge fishing.

The Greeks of Tarpon Springs: An Oral History Compilation

The National Hellenic Museum presents an oral history compilation chronicling the history of the sponge divers and Greeks of Tarpon Springs, FL.


Sponge Divers of Tarpon Springs Florida Sponge Diving 1932

Early diving film about Florida hardhat helmet diving, Greek sponge divers in Tarpon Springs, Florida, 1932, narrated by Lowell Thomas. Warnings about the dangers of the bends, sea turtles, barracuda, sharks, and tigerfish. From a film print.